Don’t sweat what used to be, mistakes are mistakes, and the past is the past.

The Break Up Advice Blog.

I get off track sometimes when I am trying to do blog posts that will not only give break up advice, but also attract some attention to the site I am building break up advice site, I find myself rambling about this or that, and not giving good advice, so… I am getting back on track, here is my favorite break up advice.

Everyone remembers when themselves, or a close friend, goes through a break up and they want to get back together with the person….. but… (insert mistake they made) or they could just get over them if they could just say sorry for…..(insert mistake they made). People tend to be plagued by that fact that they make emotionally fueled mistakes they normally wouldnt when things get rough.

I am not talking cheating, or anything bad. They just call too much, or be overtly loving, or freak…

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