I know my life is crazy and full of surprices but this is just… wow!

Life of Mila

About six years ago I was this total Youtube-nerd. I love music, like crazy, so I used to spend hours just to find new musicians and songs, new voices and styles. And there he was, this amazing boy who took my heart and stole it away. He could do nearly everything and he was good at it, not to mention his music and talent. Wow.. He had about 100 views top or something.  I couldn’t help to wonder “why”. I followed him, and everything he posted. This boy is now the most famous humanbeing on this planet, Justin Bieber.

And about two minutes ago, I found out that I AM GOING TO ONE OF HIS CONSERT HERE IN SWEDEN!! I knew he was coming here, but seriously you can imagine how HARD it is to get a ticket, so I didn’t get one. Hear me out.

I’m sitting in my…

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