FONGTASTIC Malteser Cake

Fongtastic Food

Malteser Cake

Fashid Golkarihagh sent in this mouthwatering picture of a Malteser Cake he made for his brother’s birthday.

If you baked something you’re particularly proud of, please e-mail it to

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Don’t sweat what used to be, mistakes are mistakes, and the past is the past.

The Break Up Advice Blog.

I get off track sometimes when I am trying to do blog posts that will not only give break up advice, but also attract some attention to the site I am building break up advice site, I find myself rambling about this or that, and not giving good advice, so… I am getting back on track, here is my favorite break up advice.

Everyone remembers when themselves, or a close friend, goes through a break up and they want to get back together with the person….. but… (insert mistake they made) or they could just get over them if they could just say sorry for…..(insert mistake they made). People tend to be plagued by that fact that they make emotionally fueled mistakes they normally wouldnt when things get rough.

I am not talking cheating, or anything bad. They just call too much, or be overtly loving, or freak…

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I know my life is crazy and full of surprices but this is just… wow!

Life of Mila

About six years ago I was this total Youtube-nerd. I love music, like crazy, so I used to spend hours just to find new musicians and songs, new voices and styles. And there he was, this amazing boy who took my heart and stole it away. He could do nearly everything and he was good at it, not to mention his music and talent. Wow.. He had about 100 views top or something.  I couldn’t help to wonder “why”. I followed him, and everything he posted. This boy is now the most famous humanbeing on this planet, Justin Bieber.

And about two minutes ago, I found out that I AM GOING TO ONE OF HIS CONSERT HERE IN SWEDEN!! I knew he was coming here, but seriously you can imagine how HARD it is to get a ticket, so I didn’t get one. Hear me out.

I’m sitting in my…

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This Weekend

One Stitch Two Stitch

my bf and I along with some friends decided to take a mini road trip down to the Keys on Saturday . . .

BurrsWe made an impromptu stop at Burr’s Berry Farm. They have a stand where you can buy freshly-picked strawberries and seasonal produce, along with homemade jams. Their strawberry milkshakes are yummy!



GlibertsWe made two stops, one to Alabama Jacks (sorry no pics!) and then here to Gilberts which is a huge Tiki bar right on the water.
DSC05224The view is pretty amazing here. I had a strawberry daiquiri, sat back and enjoyed the live music . . . very relaxing!
On Sunday, we went down to South Beach and had a nice stroll on the beach. The day was amazing – a clear blue sky and lovely sunshine. These are the times you know how lucky you are to be living down in south Florida! We…

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