Coffee and Walnut Caramel Cake

Sad Biscuit

Recipe #12

All things being equal, I am normally a very even tempered and forgiving evil cake genius.  However, there comes a moment in all our lives when someone pushes you too far.  And it’s at moments like that when you have no choice but to unleash your inner sassy black woman and say, “Oh no you didn’t!  It’s on now bitch!!!”

For me, this moment came just a few days ago when they announced the winner of this year’s Kit-Kat Chunky contest.  I was cheering my little black heart out for Kit-Kat Chunky Fudge to win and brought to bear all my instruments of gentle persuasion to try to make it so.  However, despite all of my threats and bribery and waterboarding, my wishes were ignored and Kit-Kat Chunky Mint was declared the champion.

I did warn people that there would be consequences if I didn’t get my…

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