Secret Ingredient Brownies

Gluten Free Glow

I’m going to bury the lede (holla Newhouse!) here because I don’t want to scare any of you away. Can we just focus on how delicious this looks?

Blondies on a plate via glutenfreeglow.comFull of chocolate and topped with chocolate chips.

Brownie with ice cream via glutenfreeglow.comYummy on its own, but even better with a scoop of ice cream.

brownie with mint ice cream via glutenfreeglow.comSo good, it somehow kept getting smaller…

brownie with mint chocolate chip ice cream via glutenfreeglow.comOops.

You may think this is a big difference from my previous post about the BluePrint Cleanse, but not when you find out that these are made with BEANS. Do you see why I didn’t tell you until now that you’ve seen all the pretty pictures? For reals guys, these are flourless, dairy and egg free and could easily be sugar free if you find a chocolate chip substitute. Also, they’re  actually really rich and delicious!

Beans get whipped up in a food processor and their flavor is pretty much overwhelmed by the…

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