Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting


Funky France

Legos go flying across the room, repeatedly clashing on the hard wood floor. Just two hours, just two hours…Laura is screaming because Quentin won’t play dress up properly. It’s alright, she’s three years old. Quentin won’t clean up the Playmobil toys after the 3rd time I’ve asked.  I could really use a glass of wine. Screams and shouts at the dinner table…a Pitbull remix. I swear when I have kids…..

Then Laura bursts out with “Moi je veux de l’eau pi quique !!” and I smirk to myself, trying to correct her mistake. “C’est de l’eau qui pique ma belle,” but without success because she doesn’t hear the difference. And all the frustration melts away because she’s just that cute.

DSC_0025Then I come home to a quiet, peaceful, tranquil apartment and my kitchen, a happy place, where 23 chocolate cupcakes await to be adorned with bittersweet chocolate buttercream frosting…

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