Who doesn’t love ….

Delicious & Fanciful

Chocolate Cake!!!?

Firstly anyone who denies chocolate cake is lying to themselves … you know you love it. Secondly a gooey centre to anything is an extra bonus! When I make cakes or cake based items I tend to opt for the mud type as I am not one for icing. I absolutely love baking but once i bake them, wash and gear up to ice the damn things I kind of get over it. But on that note I have started embracing ganache as its so easily spread on and not alot of fuss of butter, sugar etc. So opting for mud cakes is always good because they’re just so good on their own.

So I always fall back to the same recipes, they work, they taste good so why not? I always go for the ‘Chocolate Indulgence’ cake from the Masterchef Australia 2012 book. It’s so delicious. This…

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