Summer Camp Menus: The Good, the Bad and the Bug Juice Ugly


smoreSpring is in the air and for many parents and kids, thoughts turn to summer camps.  This New York Times article examined the growing interest in summer camp cuisine.

When a child spends weeks away from home, parents worry: how will the camp nourish my child? During the school year, many parents strive to control their children’s meals; they don’t want that hard work to collapse as campers are loosed upon twice-a-day desserts and thrice-daily snacks. So parents are increasingly insisting that camp food be more healthful. That means “bug juice,” the sugary color-enhanced punch drink of yesteryear, is out; water is in.

I haven’t found any summer camps in Kentucky that can boast a menu impressive enough to be featured on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution like this Summer Farm Camp in California.

Amidst the current issues related to unhealthy foods and the lack of exercise surrounding kids, our program focuses on teaching…

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