Straight Up Strawberry Jam


Did I say I was done with strawberries? I’m so sorry…did you mishear?

Oh. I don’t remember saying it. I hope you don’t mind…really though, you won’t. You will be thrilled, if you just have a go at some basic, straight up, homemade strawberry jam.

Resistance is futile.


You know, I went out to breakfast this weekend…or onesies, since I’d missed elevensies.

As I unintentionally wowed my husband and our friend by systematically taking down a breakfast built for two truckers in under five minutes, I reached for the jam on the table. All I had left was the toast, and I stretched for the finish line.


I saw the family two tables away giving me a puzzled look. The walk of shame booth across the way was giving me the stink eye, probably because my ability to eat massive quantities at speed (wait…is that a physics formula?) shamed all…

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