Grain-free Brownies

Allison Eats



Hello World, and apologies for my lengthy absence. I’ve been a busy bee and frankly, haven’t had the energy to make and photograph anything that extraordinary. Bloggin’ ‘aint easy! But alas I’ve returned, and with some not-as-sinful chocolatey goodness for your ogling enjoyment.

This weekend, Scott and I hosted a small dinner party at our house. And since we don’t have an actual dining table, but rather a two-seater Ikea island, we decided to serve a bunch of small dishes and finger food. Amongst the delights were my Sriracha Deviled Eggs, Kale Dip, some Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms (recipe coming soon!), and of course the requisite cheese selection. And let me add, that the Cheesemonger at Downtown Cheese in Reading Terminal Market made an amazing recommendation with the Gratte Paille. Its a triple-cream with a little bloomy bite, and it just gets better and better the longer you leave it out. This stuff gets…

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