Berry Fusion, Thai Coconut and Lime Gelato

The Peckish Kiwi

As of writing, this Peckish Kiwi is sick. Hurts to swallow, muscle aches, overheating when I cover up, shivering uncontrollably if I expose so much as a pinky. Days like this, I should be getting plenty of fluids and chicken soup, but I’m the kind of guy; if my throat is sore, I think it’s the perfect excuse for ice-cream.


So I present to you this Pure New Zealand Ice Cream gelato. Really delivering with the unpackaging experience, removing the lid to look inside promises you the day is about to get better.


As it slowly melts in your mouth, the berry, coconut and lime wash away any sore throats to leave a residue of tropical climates and pool side bars where you can only dream of swimming up and getting one of these in a glass. The texture walks a fine line between gelato and sorbet which adds to the exotic…

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