A Perfect Cake and a Mediocre First Post

aaron (air-runn) and his love of food


While a lot of people might argue that having a soup, salad, or appetizer (or exceptional cocktail) is the ideal way of starting a meal, I disagree. Have dessert first.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some savory foods, but sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and after a starter and entrée I just don’t have much room left for a sweet. While I could just order less food (HA!), a sure solution to always have room for dessert is to just order it first.

Seeing as this is my first blog post I decided to share a delicious cake recipe.

So, I’m gradually in the process of procuring* every conceivable kitchen item. I like gadgets, I like toys, I like electronics, I like machines, I like this, I like that, I like everything. While I have two garlic presses, I recently realized I didn’t have a…

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