White Chocolate recipe: Things just got a whole lot better in the world

The PinUp Gals Project

Today is a double celebration ~ it’s Women’s Day and we reached 700 likes on our FaceBook page!

Does it get any better? Of course it does!! This is P.U.G Project baby!

That’s why I’m giving you this recipe to make these easy peasy, yummy for your mummy or your tummy creamy vanilla chocolates.

Best of all they are totally raw, totally vegan and totally guilt free! Enjoy x

Creamy Vanilla Chocolates (yields @12 bars or @50 pieces)

You need….

2 C coconut flour

2 C cacao butter (melted)

1 Tbs raw vanilla powder

1/2 C either raw honey, agave, yacon or maple syrup

3 pinches of salt

How to do eeet…

Melt the cacao butter in a bain marie or dehydrator

Whilst this happend you can combine the flour, vanilla and salt

In a blender combine all your ingredients and combine until smooth. At this stage it will…

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