Day 17: “Spa Day” Super Green Smoothie


Day 17: ” “Spa Day” Super Green Smoothie

1 cup spinach

1/4 seedless cucumber (the really long one!)

1/4 lemon with rind

20 red grapes

handful of chia seeds

1 TBLS flax seed oil

2 splendas

Fill with water to max line


spa day

This smoothie reminded me of a day at the spa. Spinach (or seaweed wraps), cucumbers on the eyes, lemon infused water, a hulky, handesome man  feeding grapes to me. ummm well that is what I envision a perfect spa day would be. Whatever you do, don’t Google pictures of people feeding grapes to each other; its just plain creepy.


Very refreshing and light; not one ingredient overpowers the other. If you can do without the splenda, I would. I still need a little sweetness to tie the flavors together!


Cheers! xoxo FBF

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